Hillsborough Baseball League is proud to provide a safe and pleasant environment for it's baseball families.  However, there may be times that some individuals may not display the proper level of behavior for this environment.

To ensure that the Hillsborough Baseball League community understands the policies for providing a safe and pleasant environment, Hillsborough Baseball League requires that all coaches, players and parents accepts the terms in the Code of Conduct policy agreement, which is part of the registration process to enter the league.

If for any reason you feel that any individual within Hillsborough Baseball League  has displayed aggressive behavior towards any other person or unacceptable conduct that can be considered destructive or threatening in any way, please report the incident by completing this Conduct Incident Report.

The Conduct Incident Report is to identify and report any misconduct by any individual(s) within the Hillsborough Baseball League community. The reported information will only be viewed by the President of the Hillsborough Baseball League. Once the information is reviewed by the President of the Hillsborough Baseball League, you will be contacted to review the incident. This process will be kept completely confidential.